Digital museums and exhibitions in the modern city

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HAC111 Digital museums and exhibitions in the modern city

Professor: Katia PAPANDREOPOULOU | Course outline [pdf file]

The course aims to introduce the students to the changes coming to the museum space, the exhibition venues and the art market in the modern city, through modern digital approach methods. The course examines the new digital promotion methods of contemporary museums and exhibitions, as well as the ways that new technologies take notice and make use of existing technical resources in order to approach and attract new audiences in modern cities. Utilizing a multitude of data from museums worldwide, the course studies the transition from a closed to an open museum, that constitutes a paradigm shift in the perception and operation of the museum since the 19th century. Through the study of study cases and publications of relevant professionals, we examine how the works expand the traditional scope and commitment of institutions, through digital designs that redefine the interaction between collections, public knowledge and civil society. The course will among others focus on the concepts of digital archive, accessibility and democratization of access to museum collections, and through case studies it will present digital exhibitions worldwide, weighing their impact on the public.


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