Memory and the City I

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HAC108 Memory and the City I

Professors: Elli LEMONIDOU, Alexandros TENEKETZIS | Course outline [pdf file]

The module offers an in-depth course in Urban History and Archaeology. The course examines the evolution of history and memory in the European and Greek areas from the Middle Ages to the present day. The historical conditions associated with the construction of public memory and collective identities are presented through the history of artistic and visual remains and constructions (monuments, archaeological remains, places of memory), as well as through the development of the institutions of art, memory and history ( historical museums, art galleries, city museums, etc.). The course examines the formation of the urban memorial site, the reception of the past through various events, through the history of the memory of the past as it is located and recorded in the public urban space, as well as through the management of monuments and remains and the use them today.


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