Security and Trust in Cultural Environments

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EDG607 Security and Trust in Cultural Environments

Professor: Dimitris KOUKOPOULOS

Basic concepts and terminology. Attacks: viruses, worms, trojan horses, denial of service attacks. Firewalls. Cryptography: asymmetric vs. symmetric cryptosystems, Caesar cipher, systems of public-private key, Diffee-Hellman. Internet security: digital certificates and digital signatures, SSL. User authentication and access control. Security of cultural information systems and databases. Intellectual rights protection: watermarking. Operating systems security: attacks, security mechanisms, trust systems. Trust management systems. Trust in distributed multimedia networks. Applications. Legal matters. Survey of current research papers.

Course outline


  1. Book1 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  2. Book2 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  3. Book3 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)


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