Classical Archaeology II

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YAR204 Classical Archaeology II

Professor: Dimitris DAMASKOS | Course outline [pdf file]

The lectures present the evolution of ancient Greek art from the end of the 5th century BCE until the end of the Hellenistic period (30 BCE). Among the important achievements of these periods are the monuments on the Athenian Acropolis and the 4th c. sculpture, as well as the groundbreaking changes that were established in ancient art and society by the conquests of Alexander the Great and the formation of the large Hellenistic kingdoms.


  1. Η ΤΕΧΝΗ ΣΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΣΤΙΚΗ ΕΠΟΧΗ, POLLITT J.J. (Eudoxus code: 86053791)
  2. Κλασική αρχαιολογία, 2η έκδοση, Hölscher Tonio, Μτφ. Παπαγεωργίου Πάρις, Επιμ. Καραναστάση Παυλίνα (Eudoxus code: 77118819)


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