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YIS101 Introduction to historical studies

Professor: Dimitrios BACHARAS (adjunct faculty for 2020-21) | Course outline [pdf file]

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the basic concepts and methodology of historical studies, with a particular emphasis on contemporary historiographical trends and the current questions of international research, as well as on the practical aspects of learning to write a paper or thesis of historical content. Among other issues, the definition of the historical event, the notion of structure in history, the sources and the methodology for their selection and use, the historical path and the current position of historical studies in the context of humanities and social sciences are studied. Emphasis is also placed on crucial issues for the understanding of modern historiography, such as the relationship between history and memory, the concepts of Cultural History, Microhistory and Public History, as well as the current challenges and prospects of historical studies.


  1. Απολογία για την Ιστορία, Marc Bloch (Eudoxus code: 3074)
  2. Τι είναι ιστορία; Σκέψεις για τη θεωρία της ιστορίας και τον ρόλο του ιστορικού, E.H. Carr, μτφ. Ανδρέας Παππάς (Eudoxus code: 50662414)
  3. Τι είναι η σύγχρονη ιστορία;, Noiriel Gerard (Eudoxus code: 32077)
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