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ΕPA600 Internship

Coordinator: Markos KATSIANIS

The Internship is optional and receives (5) ECTS. ECTS will not be taken into account in the total number of ECTS required to obtain a degree, but will be listed in the Diploma Supplement. It lasts for two months and is implemented in the summer months (July-August). The subject of the Internship must be relevant to the subject of study.

The Internship forms part of the educational process (non-compulsory) and targets: a) the practical application of the knowledge acquired in the courses, b) the direct experience of working conditions in real workplaces where graduates of the Department can work, c) the development of skills and expertise related to the background knowledge students received during their studies, and d) the facilitation of access to the labor market.

The Internship takes place in selected public and private institutions (historical archives, research centers, museums, galleries, ephorates of antiquities, companies, etc.). Faculty members supervise students during their Internship period.


Institutions with which there has been collaboration so far include:

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