Aegean Prehistoric Societies

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YAR203 Aegean Prehistoric Societies

Professor: Markos KATSIANIS

The course aims at a first general introduction and familiarization with the fundamental archaeological developments of the Prehistoric Aegean. Upon successful completion of the course the student is able:

  • understand the chronological scales of Prehistory,
  • to distinguish between different chronological periods
  • to know the basic cultural traits of each period from the beginning of the 7th until the first millennium BC and their geographic variation
  • to comprehend the notion of cultural change
  • to be aware of significant sites, monuments, objects and images of Prehistory
  • to analyze social, cultural and economic processes in different periods and circumstances
  • to be familiar with relevant sources and online material

Course outline


  1. Οι πολιτισμοί του Αιγαίου. Κατά τη νεολιθική και την εποχή του χαλκού, Treuil Rene,Darcque Pascal,Poursat Jean – Claude (Eudoxus code: 50660327)
  2. Αιγαίο. Εποχή του χαλκού, Dickinson Oliver (Eudoxus code: 24346)
  3. Η τέχνη στην προϊστορική Ελλάδα, Hood Sinclair (Eudoxus code: 68406403)


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