Economic Theory and Culture Management in Modern Economic History

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EIS605 Economic Theory and Culture Management in Modern Economic History

Professor: Theodoros KOUTSOBINAS

The objective of this course is to present in a comprehensible manner the basic principles of economics. In order to understand the nature of financial effects and economic developments in modern economic history, examples of the economic reality of the free market are utilized. By analyzing fundamental principles of economic behavior of individuals, the course examines issues of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. This course analyzes subjects such as demand, supply, commodity prices, consumer choice, risk and information, economic welfare, sector economics and competition policy. Particular emphasis is given to macroeconomic issues such as inflation and unemployment, effective demand and supply with the support of simple economic models. Meanwhile, issues such as different forms of market goods, the real and monetary economy and the impact of financial markets in modern digital culture are analyzed. Particular reference is given to economic issues which help shape an enhanced view of the long0term trends and developments with regard to economic aspects of cultural management and offer the opportunity for a deeper understanding of specialized economic analysis of cultural goods in modern digital culture and the way they differ from standard commodities.

  1. Upon successful completion of the course the students will:
  2. Master basic notions and methods of economic theory
  3. Understand key issues of economic activities
  4. Know the relations of economic factors in modern economic history
  5. Understand key management issues of cultural goods and services through the economic analysis in digital culture.

Course outline


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