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YAR404 Introduction to Museology

Professor: Kali TZORTZI

The course constitutes an introduction to the ‘science of museums’, its theoretical directions as well as its practical applications, as reflected in Greek and international research and experience. It proposes a historic overview, from collections as a background to research in the Museum of Alexandria to the contemporary museum, as a place of education and enjoyment. It presents how museums have been ‘the cultural repositories of history and heritage’; it analyzes the key functions of the contemporary museum, its multidimensional role in society and its development; it examines its different types of visitors, and also the concept of museum profession; it explores the complex field of museology and the diverse knowledge fields that are involved in the study of museums and its functions, and presents key issues of museum administration and accreditation, placing the emphasis on the institutional framework of their functioning in Greece; it introduces students to key concepts of contemporary museology, including the concepts of collection, audiences, and mediation (or interpretation). The above are approached not only from a theoretical point of view, but also as crystallized in specific cases of museums that are extensively analyzed during the course of the lectures.

Course outline


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