History of the Medieval West (11th-16th c.)

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EIS504 History of the Medieval West (11th-16th c.)


An introduction to the main issues of European Medieval History between the 11th and the 16th century, focusing both on the use of sources and the critical approach of institutions and historical facts.

The course examines closely the history of Europe and Western Mediterranean area from the 11th to the 16th century. We will examine the various crises that disrupted life in the fourteenth century (such as the Black Death), schisms and divisions within European Christianity, peasant rebellions, daily life, the role of women, new trends in political thought and the beginnings of the Protestant movement.

Students following this course will:

  • learn about the various historical theories concerning the interpretation of the Late Middle Ages
  • learn to read critically primary and secondary sources regarding this period

Course outline


  1. Book1 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  2. Book2 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  3. Book3 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)


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