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EAR806 Marketing of cultural units


The οbjective of this course is to help students understand the basic challenge of marketing today: to create vibrant, interactive communities of consumers who make products and brands a part of their daily life. The course presents fundamental concepts and principles of marketing of cultural units within an innovative analytical framework which is based on the preferences of the client and the price of goods. This approach helps students to develop skills related to marketing activities. In particular, the course examines the important role of digital technology in today’s market, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, value of brand name and high-profile visibility, analysis of customer value, marketing using databases, e-commerce, value networks and supply chain management in digital culture. Particular emphasis is attributed to activities such as integrated marketing communication and to new forms of communication, such as marketing experience, entertainment marketing, public relations as a marketing channel and endorsement of goods from reliable and high-visibility sources in the marketing of cultural unitis.

Upon successful completion of the course the students will:

  • be familiar with Basic Marketing concepts and methods
  • understand basic practical issues in the application of Marketing by modern cultural units
  • understand the methods used in the creation of marketing value and in promotion through Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  • understand the key issues of promoting through the Marketing of cultural goods and services produced by businesses and cultural units.

Course outline


  1. Book1 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  2. Book2 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)
  3. Book3 (Eudoxus code: XXXXXX)


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