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EAR601 Landscape Archaeology

Professor: Markos KATSIANIS

The course deals with the study of landscapes as a component of the cultural phenomenon. In this context the ways by which social groups interact with their environment are examined, the theoretical and methodological approaches used to study and analyze the landscape are presented, while reference is made to research methods and digital tools for the analysis, reconstruction, interpretation and management of the spatial dimension of landscapes.

Upon successful completion of the course the students are able:

  • to comprehend the concept of landscape in Archaeology
  • to understand the ways by which a particular society interacts with space
  • to perceive the landscape as a cultural palimpsest
  • to know basic concepts, approaches and interpretations in Landscape Archaeology
  • to assess the methods and techniques used to investigate archaeological landscapes
  • to critically evaluate the existing literature on archaeological landscape studies
  • to develop a critical capacity with regard to the culturally specific aspects of each student’s own thinking and behavior,
  • to appreciate that the use of particular analytical methods is usually part of wider theoretical frameworks.

Course outline


  1. Το πολιτισμικό τοπίο, Τερκενλή Θεανώ Σ. (Eudoxus code: 30471)
  2. Η αντίληψη του περιβάλλοντος, Tim Ingold (Eudoxus code: 33154500)
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