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EAR704 Modern Greek city and architecture

Professor: Theodora MONIOUDI-GAVALA

The course focuses on the history of urban planning in contemporary Greece, from the founding of the modern Hellenic state to the present day. Urban space is examined within its broader historical environment: urban planning and architecture are seen as part of the more general issues raised by historical conditions. At the same time, the object of this course is to provide competent knowledge of Greek architecture from the establishment of the modern Hellenic state to the present. The classicist style is examined as it took shape after the War of Independence and the advent of the monarchy. Buildings erected in 19th-century Athens are presented, as are those of other cities in free Greece. The changes that took place in the early 20th century are studied. Reference is made to urban planning in Greek cities during the 20th century. Thessaloniki after the fire of 1917 is examined as a special case. The changes that followed the Asia Minor Disaster are pointed out, as is the introduction of modern architecture and the subsequent shift to traditional architecture.

Course outline


  1. Μονιούδη-Γαβαλά Δώρα, Σχεδιασμός και έγγειος ιδιοκτησία στην Αθήνα 1833-1922, εκδόσεις Παρασκήνιο, Αθήνα 2017, ISBN 978-618-5003-39-5 (Eudoxus code: 68377807)
  2. Καρύδης Δημήτρης, Τα επτά βιβλία της πολεοδομίας, Παπασωτηρίου, Αθήνα 2006, ISBN 9607530780 (Eudoxus code: 9725)

Δωρεάν ηλεκτρονικό σύγγραμμα:

  • Μονιούδη-Γαβαλά Δώρα, Πολεοδομία στο ελληνικό κράτος 1833-1890, έκδοση ΤΔΠΠΝΤ, Αγρίνιο 2012 ISBN 9789609340090 (Δωρεάν ηλεκτρονικό σύγγραμμα). (Eudoxus code: 30154160)



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