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YIS202 Introduction to social anthropology

Professor: Cleo GOUGOULIS

The course introduces students to basic anthropological concepts and methodological tools for social and cultural analysis with special emphasis on the discussion of ethnographic fieldwork through participant observation and the notion of ethnography as method and end product of anthropological investigation. Students are further presented to the history of anthropological thought from the establishment of the discipline in the 19th centruy to the present day. Moreover reference is made to basic anthropological approaches to social and cultural phenomena with special emphasis on issues such as racism and the construction of otherness, kinship, politics, production and exchange, symbolic systems, religion and ritual, gender and age through the discussion of ethnographic examples from different cultures.

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with basic anthropological concepts and analytical tools and to enhance the awareness of their own ethnocentric biases through the discussion of anthropological approaches to important contemporary issues and debates in the social sciences.

After the completion of the course students are expected:

  • To have mastered classic and recent theoretical and methodological approaches to Social Anthropology.
  • To be able to conduct individual research or collaborate with other students on small or medium scale research projects.

Course outline


  1. Μικροί τόποι, μεγάλα ζητήματα, Eriksen Thomas Hylland (Eudoxus code: 11674)
  2. Στοιχεία κοινωνικής και πολιτισμικής ανθρωπολογίας, Jean-Paul Colleyn (Eudoxus code: 1636)
  3. Εισαγωγή στην πολιτισμική ανθρωπολογία, Κ. Νάντια Σερεμετάκη (Eudoxus code: 59385860)


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